Our Vision.

Sharing God’s Love Through Aviation, One Flight at a Time.

Our Mission.

Facilitate the growth and development of professional aviators, spiritually and technically, to enter the mission aviation field.



Keith & Barbara Hull

Keith Hull

Keith Hull
July 5, 1932 – September 4, 1986
“that I may know Him and the power of His resurrection, and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death, in order that I may attain to the resurrection from the dead.” Philippians 3:10-11

While flying for the United States Air Force, Keith Hull was spiritually moved while flying foreign aid missions around the world. Keith responded deeply to God’s calling and direction for his life. After being Honorably discharged, Keith moved his family to Arizona and started Wings for Christ on June 19, 1961.

In 1970, Keith relocated Wings from Arizona to its present location outside of Waco, Texas. Over the years, Wings for Christ has provided pilot skills training, aviation relief efforts, and planted over 45 missionary churches.

Barbara joined her husband ,Keith Hull, in glory September 7, 2020. After Keith’s passing Barbara led the mission and carried a lot of wisdom and passion to see the ministry be honorable and always serve the Lord with integrity. She desired to see Wings help relieve the heavy financial burden that faces flight students entering the mission aviation field. As a mother of four, grandmother of 11, and great grandmother, family remained central in her life.

Today, Wings for Christ endures the founding principle to “Share God’s Love Through Aviation” by providing pilots with spiritual and technical growth and development to enter the Mission Aviation Field.


The Board of Directors of Wings for Christ consists of many talented and Christ Centered individuals that share the same compassion as Keith Hull did to help those in need around the world through aviation.

President, Board of Directors


Vice President, Board of Directors

Phil is the son of Wings founder, Keith Hull. Phil is married to Cheryl and is a loving father to Haley and Heather. The Wings ministry has always been a huge part of Phil’s life and he enjoys dedicating work for the Lord. The Wings for Christ soft field airport and ministry is adjoined to his property and as such, he is engaged with the daily direction and with the property maintenance. Phil is honored to be a part of continuing vision that his father began and feels a strong calling to support the mission and help direct it to the path that God is leading Wings for Christ.


Vice President, Board of Directors

Dave is the son of Wings founder, Keith Hull. Dave is married to Laurie and is the loving father to Taylor, Jasmine and Fallon. Dave’s calling from the Lord has been to respond to the ideas and direction that Wings for Christ is charged with and to contribute in any way that aligns with his father’s vision.


Secretary and Treasurer, Board of Directors

Cheryl became involved with Wings for Christ when she married Phillip Hull in 1992. Cheryl works alongside her husband and takes care of their grandchildren. Cheryl enjoys spending time with their daughters Haley and Heather. Cheryl desires to see Wings be an arm of the church that helps equip a boat load of mission pilots to reach countless people.


Member, Board of Directors

Wings has always been a part of Cassie’s life since its inception at Grand Canyon College in Phoenix, AZ. Cassie feels blessed and honored to work with a team of committed believers as Wings for Christ strives to meet the calling of the Lord. Cassie’s hope is to fulfill the legacy of her father through teaching men and women of God to fly and take the Gospel of Christ to his people everywhere.


Member, Board of Directors

Cindy is the daughter of Wings founder, Keith Hull. Cindy is married to Jeff Lehrmann and together they are the loving parents of three sons and a daughter. Cindy enjoys being a mom and gramma, quilting, and spending time with family. Cindy desires to continue to carry out the vision for Wings for Christ that her father established… Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Ghost. Matthew 28:19 (KJV).


Member, Board of Directors

Lee is married to Marlina A. Washington and they are loving parents of daughter Jordan Corley and son Dylan Washington. Lee is an entrepreneur and business consultant. Some of Lee’s business start ups are franchise companies, Country Fair Confections, and Planet Popolicious. Other endeavors include a turn around for a local reverse mortgage company, consulting a local energy broker company in developing a sales and marketing company, consulting and participating in three oil field service companies and is currently serving as an energy consultant. Lee recently joined the board because he was smitten with Wing for Christ and the founding family. He loves every form of flying and he loves the Lord with all his heart. He considers the opportunity to support and participate in the direction and restructuring the ministry for the future is an honor and privilege. Though he loves flight he did not pursue becoming a pilot himself but considers helping pilots to serve Christ is even better than flying himself.


Sharing God’s Love Through Aviation


Facilitate the growth and development of professional aviators, spiritually and technically, to enter the Mission Aviation Field.

Wings for Christ
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