“We Help Pilots Enter the Mission Aviation Field, Fiscally and Spiritually.”

What We Do

“Being a mission pilot is flying on the front lines of war against isolation, poverty, and darkness: it’s giving people – men, women, and children – who have no chance, a second chance. Mission pilots don’t pull down the pay of a lot of professional pilots, but they’re the richest fliers out there.”
– Paul Lay, former “MAF” Mission Pilot

Sharing God’s Love through Mission Aviation is about reaching people in remote or disaster-stricken areas that need help and would otherwise not be reached. It’s about delivering medicine and doctors to heal the ill; distributing food and water to areas that have been devastated by a natural disaster; flying-in people and materials to rebuild a community; and it’s about proclaiming the Gospel to all creation.

The mission aviation pilot is someone who has a strong relationship with Jesus Christ and the motivation of selfless-service to help others. They are technically adept to operate and maintain aircraft in the most remote and challenging environments around the world. Mission pilots must also learn to be cross-cultural and lingual to effectively interact with the indigenous population they encounter.

To pursue God’s calling as a mission pilot is very rewarding and very expensive. The cost to fund flight training, maintenance training, and the additional flying experience just to meet the minimum prerequisites to join a Mission Aviation organization will exceed $70,000 and take years to accomplish. Unlike many career paths in which one could simply obtain student loans, the mission aviation field requires the individual to have none to very little debt. Compensation for a mission pilot is provided through fundraising efforts generated from the mission pilot before they deploy into the mission field.


Through prayer, your donations, and God’s grace, Wings for Christ helps future mission aviation pilots fund pilot flight training, aircraft maintenance training, and obtain additional flying experience. Our goal is to alleviate, if not eliminate, the financial burden for mission pilots to obtain their pilot and maintenance license through the Keith Hull Memorial Scholarship; provide additional flying experience in one of our airplanes through our Pilot Time-Building Program; and to assist them in their spiritual growth while at Wings for Christ.

Scholarship Program


Keith Hull founded Wings for Christ in 1961 and had a vision of an aviation ministry that would train pilots in mission aviation to share the Gospel to all corners of the world. Although Keith passed away in 1986, his legacy lives on, as does his vision to grow God’s Kingdom through aviation by awarding various scholarships to qualified applicants to fund pilot and maintenance training. Your generous donation will help pay for the pilot and maintenance licenses needed to enter the mission aviation field.

Please visit our About Page to learn more about Keith Hull and the history of Wings for Christ.



Fresh out of pilot-school, pilots have approximately 250 flight hours and limited experience. The minimum experience threshold to enter the mission aviation field is 400 flight hours. Wings for Christ operates an airplane at a 3,000-foot grass runway at the Wings for Christ Airfield (73F) which is used to provide qualified pilots with the additional flight-time. During their time at Wings for Christ, pilots are provided with various opportunities to learn and grow technically and spiritually through volunteer mentors. Your generous donation helps maintain the aircraft, airfield, and facilities.