Keith Hull Memorial Scholarship

Keith Hull Memorial Scholarship

Keith Hull founded Wings for Christ in 1961 and had a vision of an aviation ministry that would train pilots in mission aviation to share the Gospel to all corners of the world. Although Keith passed away in 1986, his legacy lives on, as does his vision to grow God’s Kingdom through aviation by awarding various scholarships to qualified applicants to fund pilot and maintenance training.

Scholarships will be awarded annually to selected applicants to help fund education classes required to obtain the Airplane Single Engine Land (ASEL) Private and Commercial Pilot Certificates; Instrument Rating; and Airframe & Powerplant Certificate.

Passionate about a career reaching isolated people
Called to serve God in a cross-cultural context
High School Diploma or equivalent with GPA 2.7 or above
Enrolled in a Professional Aviation Institution
Maintain a 3.0 GPA or higher
Eligible for a FAA Student Pilot Certificate
Eligible for a 2nd Class Medical Certificate
Various financial scholarships paid directly to the Professional Aviation Institution to pay for ASEL Private Certificate, ASEL Commercial Certificate, ASEL Instrument Rating, and Airframe & Powerplant Certificate.
Direct opportunity to be selected to attend Wings for Christ Pilot Time Building Program.

Disclaimer Statement:
The Keith Hull Memorial Scholarship is entirely funded by generous donors. Wings for Christ conducts quarterly assessments to determine the number and amount of scholarships that can be provided each year.