Pilot Time-Building Program

Pilot Time-Building Program

Fresh out of pilot-school with approximately 250 total flight hours and your ASEL Commercial and Instrument rating? Are you a pursing God’s calling to enter the Mission Aviation Field and lack the minimum required flight hour experience? Then the Wings for Christ Pilot Time-Building Program may be right for you.

The minimum experience threshold to enter the mission aviation field is typically 400 flight hours with a minimum of 50 hours in a high-performance airplane. The Pilot Time-Building Program provides the additional flight experience (up to 150 flight hours) in a high-performance airplane to meet the minimum requirements to enter the mission aviation field.

Pilot’s selected will build flight experience in a 230hp Cessna 182 operating out of the Wings for Christ Airfield (73F) from a 3,000-foot soft field lighted runway. While at Wings for Christ, pilots are afforded various opportunities to grow technically and spiritually alongside volunteer mentors.

Committed to pursuing God’s calling in mission aviation
ASEL Commercial Certificate with Instrument Rating
Less than 400 total flight hours (airplane)
Airframe & Powerplant Certificate (completed or working on)
Application with a Mission Aviation Organization
Up to 150 flight hours in a mechanically sound Cessna aircraft
Pilots skills proficiency training (day, night, IMC)
Aeronautical knowledge proficiency training
Living accommodations (limited space available)
Mentorship on spiritual and technical growth

Disclaimer Statement:
Wings for Christ Pilot Time Building Program is entirely funded by generous donors. Quarterly assessments are conducted to determine how many flight hours can be afforded to selected candidates.